Redberri Classroom
Redberri Classroom

At Redberri Global Corporation learning is our most enduring activity. Throughout life, as we go to school, learn a musical instrument, master a discipline or enhance our professional skills, we are all perpetual students. It is our collective achievement as learners, which makes education, the key to success.

We are focused on helping institutions at all levels drive learner achievement by creating personalized and engaging learning experiences. This kind of experience, that when achieved on a wide scale, brings about improved measurable change in learning results. Redberri Classroom in the Box was conceived, developed, and shaped by educatorís feedback. It was designed to address all of your online learning needs. It incorporates content management, and allows for professional development, as well as addressing the needs of anyone in a learning environment. Redberri Classroom in the Box re-imagining Teaching and Learning Redberri Classroom in the Box creates a powerful learning experience. It allows you to connect the entire community. It was designed for use by Schools, Institutions, Government, Organizations, and Corporations. Redberri Classroom in the Box is suited for any environment, at any level, whose main purpose is teaching with success oriented results.

As an example of an application let us look at a typical local school district. Teachers, students, parents, and staff can create a collaborative learning environment. Redberri Classroom in the Box is your solution. It will empower districts, schools, and educators, allowing them to deliver a personalized learning experience. It will greatly enhance every studentís success.

Redberri Classroom in the Box supports districts and schools of all sizes with 21st century learning opportunities.

Redberri Classroom in the Box extends classrooms with online learning. There never seems to be enough hours in the school day! A typical school day usually is from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. This is not enough time for teachers to prepare lessons, manage assignments, enter grades, and communicate with students and parents in addition to their most important role: teaching. Redberri Classroom in the Box delivers learning beyond the four walls of the classroom Adding online learning to face-to-face classes will help teachers save time and give students access to more resources as well as to each other. From online assignments to discussion boards to customized learning paths, Redberri Classroom in the Box technology enables each teacher to decide how best to integrate online learning into the standard curriculum. Teachers can manage assignments, share multimedia resources, launch discussions, and create assessments that go directly into an electronic grade-book. At the end of the school year, they can easily update and reuse online course components and share best practices with fellow teachers.

Is your Curriculum current?

Using Redberri Classroom in the Box will enable you to keep curriculum guides current. Meeting the requirements of your highly qualified teachers, as well as ensuring adequate yearly progress for all students requires that all teachers have access to the most recent content. Annual distribution of printed guides, usually out of date, before they reach all interested parties, is costly and difficult to integrate into classroom instruction. Redberri Classroom in the Box will provide easy access to online up to the minute curriculum guides. Moving curriculum development and management online gives educators direct access to what works in the classroom. Teachers can log in anytime, anywhere to search for help, seek training, ask questions and share best practices. Additionally, districts can easily distribute customized and appropriate curricula created in the district or by a third party to teachers by school, subject area, grade or other defined groupings. Development tools enable curriculum specialists and teachers to collaboratively create content for all to access or go through a formal review process.

Enhancing classroom instruction

Increasing student engagement: How do we ensure time spent in class is meaningful, productive, and engaging for students? Every school faces the challenge of motivating their students and staff while remaining flexible to their needs and promoting student success.

Redberri Classroom in the Box will allow you to improve instructional practices and outcomes, with a meaningful learning environment The right classroom instructional tools make all the difference in enabling students to master curriculum and become lifelong learners. This will close the gap between the way students live and the way they learn. These tools positively impact classroom design, resource allocation and instructional efforts to create effective teachers and contribute to positive student outcomes. In todayís globally connected and economically uncertain world, education is the one thing that is valued without question.

Now, more than ever, it is critical that students, workers, and educators have the skills they need to meet their challenges by gaining the knowledge they need to succeed. For everyone at Redberri, that means working with institutions of all types to enrich the education experience they deliver to their students. Our goal is to increase the impact of education by transforming the experience. Redberri Classroom in the Box is the premier platform which delivers learning content, engages learners, and measures their performance. Redberri Classroom in the Box is available for K-12, higher education, professional education, and for a myriad of other learning environments. Redberri Classroom in the Box is a one-stop educational tool, encompassing a wide array of solutions and is appropriate in the following environments:


Investing in the correct educational technology is one of the most important factors in creating an optimized learning environment for all levels of education. Implemented correctly it will effectively close the gap between the way your students learn, and the way that they live their lives. How can YOU be assured that your educational technology investment is the correct one? Will it create an environment conducive to a collaborative environment? Will it permit anytime-anywhere professional development? Does it have mass notification capabilities? Redberri Classroom in the Box is the key to enabling your students to achieve and excel. It affords them with all the opportunities to communicate regardless of their location.

Higher Education

Todayís higher education environment is full of challenges we are all working to address. We are faced with tightened budgets, rising accountability demands, and quickly changing student demographics.

For our part, we are focused on delivering solutions that help you enrich all aspects of the academic experience - engaging and assessing students, making their daily lives more convenient and secure, and keeping them informed about what is important.

So you can attract, engage and retain more of them while getting the most from your existing relationships and investments.


In todayís economy, corporations need to be more focused with their learning budgets than ever before. Traditional learning systems are capable of delivering training programs but place more focus on administration than actual learning. It is time to employ a learning system that focuses on the learner.

Now Redberri is leveraging its vast experience in education to provide solutions for the corporate market. Redberri Classroom in the Box enables a continuous learning environment for your workforce. Corporations can deliver learning programs and supplement content before, during, and after the learning event with assessments, collaboration and social learning tools.


Associations of all sizes today face the challenge of creating and maintaining a sense of community for a geographically disperse member base. Providing continuing education and communication is essential to increasing revenue and membership.

For you to provide affiliates with continuing education and certification programs in a learner-friendly environment, it is time to employ a learning system that focuses on the learner. By doing so, you will deliver training programs in an intuitive and interactive learning environment, whether online or in a classroom.


Military and government personnel represent many nationsí largest and most geographically dispersed workforce, as well as one of the most important. For leaders in these sectors, training and communicating with their people is critical. Redberri Classroom in the Box is the answer.

Redberri Classroom in the Box can deliver online learning, alerts and notification to millions of people every day, including many in federal, state and local organizations. We do this with proven, simple-to-use solutions. It results in unequaled levels of user adoption and program success. Solutions that you can leverage to deliver training and reach all your constituents, while managing budgetary constraints and demonstrating a clear, people-centered return on your IT investment. Career Colleges

Career colleges and adult education institutions face tremendous challenges. How will you address non-traditional student needs? How will you quickly adapt to their ever-changing requirements and interests?

Redberri Classroom in the Box can help. For-profit and proprietary institutions like yours are turning to our solutions to increase both the value and impact of the education experience. So you can attract, engage, and retain more students while achieving profitable growth.

When there is a question in a learning environment,

Redberri in the Box is the answer!