Essential Reasons Why Redberri Will Work For You:

Web services are here to stay

  • No matter what type of software you're creating, it should contain secure Web services for any back-end functions -- authentication, privilege levels, encryption, logging, auditing, etc. Web services and service-oriented architectures are becoming increasingly important in today's enterprise. If you can't connect to them, your software may not get a second look.

  • Redberri is great as a secure web services gateway in front of soft backoffice applications.

  • Redberri provides:
    • Authentication
    • Privilege Levels
    • Logging
    • Auditing
    • Web Service Publishing
    • SSL
Create true interoperability

  • Interoperability is one of those words that crops up a lot in press releases, but its meaning seems to vary depending on who's using it. True interoperability, however, is really an automatic function rather than a manual one. Two applications should be able to deal with each other natively without a great deal of gnashing of teeth. If someone has to create a connector manually every time your application needs to interface with another, your application will quickly become bloatware. It probably won't work well across the board, and users won't be able to get the support they need. Make it simple -- build in automatic interoperability.

  • Redberri is a general purpose integration suite so it is well suited for many different tasks and is certainly not a “one off” integration technology.

  • Redberri is designed to handle integration tasks in an automated fashion once it's set up. So “Configure it, and forget it!”
Look beyond the walls

  • Interoperability isn't limited to internal systems. Financial institutions and manufacturers, for example, both need applications to interface not only internally with each other but also with suppliers and dealers as well. Making sure information such as purchase orders can move from one system to another -- no matter what that "other" is -- is key to taking advantage of technology. Every time something needs to be re-keyed, it creates an opportunity for error. Keep data exchange automatic without either side having to change their systems.

  • Redberri's pluggable architecture enables it to communicate with many different systems, over many protocols, and with many document formats. It makes it ideal as a transaction exchange platform for integrating external business.
See the big picture

  • Most ISVs tend to focus solely on their own applications. For the most part that makes sense, because you want to keep focus on things you can control. But in this increasingly connected world, smart ISVs also look at the business aspects of their software, i.e. how it will be used in the real world, and plan ahead of time for integration. While you may not be able to envision every scenario, the more you work toward universal, automated connectivity, the better off you will be.

  • Redberri means universal automated connectivity. Everything about it enables ISVs to connect to a myriad of external systems that will make their product more functional, and more marketable to their clients.
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