Redberri Remote Client
Redberri Remote Client is a Web services client for Redberri. Imagine the possibilities of being able to translate, transform and transmit data at any given interval from your small business trading partners. You hold the remote control to the data.
Redberri Remote Client was designed with three goals in mind:
  • Transport data to and from Redberri
  • Be entirely managed from a remote location.
Redberri Remote Client communicates with Redberri over a web services interface. It generally uses SSL to encrypt all communications, but can work without SSL if necessary.
  • Client-only communications: all communicators are triggered by Redberri Remote Client, connecting on demand with Redberri (working through firewalls and proxy servers) with no need for a static IP address.
  • Works with low-speed, high-fault connections: tested successfully with speeds as low as 14.4 kbps; auto-resends messages if communication is severed/interrupted. Provides easy connectivity between trading partners with dial-up technology.
  • Remote configuration and upgrades. Centralized configuration for all remote clients connecting to that Redberri can be done via the Redberri Web-based dashboard, making remote configuration a snap, and providing ubiquitous admin access from any location. All remote client components (except bootstrapper) can be upgraded from the dashboard as well.
  • Small footprint and low requirements. Redberri Remote Client requires only 32MB of RAM and less than 30MB of disk space (which includes the JRE). Specialized installs can also be created for even lower requirements. While Java 1.4 is recommended for Redberri Remote Client, it will also run on Java 1.3. 
  • Scheduled communications. Redberri Remote Client services are scheduled to run at the intervals the administrator sets: the Remote Client will not be communicating with Redberri constantly, but rather only when it needs to, thus, reducing bandwidth overhead.
  • Pluggable services. Redberri Remote Client's service modules are pluggable using a simple Java API. This allows new services to be added to Redberri Remote Client quickly and easily. The best part is that the services are installed remotely from the Redberri Dashboard.
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